Our clients span a wide range of backgrounds, business situations, and age groups.  Our Enrolled Agents and Professional Tax Preparers can assist our clients in any individual tax matter ranging from the simple to the complex.  We can provide small business, the backbone of America, a wide range of services, including employment-related forms, sales tax, and other state and federal forms.

Our services are tailored for individuals, partnerships, corporations, as well as, sole-proprietors, estates, non-profits and trusts.  In addition, Executive Tax Service LLC provides other services such as:

  • Representation with the IRS from IRS letters of inquiry
  • Representation following a notice of audit
  • Analysis of tax consequences of various decisions(for example):
    • Buying or selling a home
    • Buying, selling or exchanging investment property
    • Buying or selling stocks and bonds
    • Marriage, births, death or divorce